As the chair of the Kumeu/ Huapai Residents and Ratepayers Association, I am delighted to have a close working relationship with Greg. At last we have a Council representative giving their best effort for our district.  Craig Walker, Chair Kumeu/Huapai Residents & Ratepayers Association. 

Greg has done so much for the local community on so many fronts, including opening the door and giving the community a direct voice into Auckland Transport and Auckland Council. Martin Dancy, Community advocate & transport spokesperson. 

Greg has made an effort to regularly visit us, facilitated helpful meetings with Council, Auckland Transport, NZTA and the Ministry of Transport and assisted us with the issues facing Taupaki. Ian Shaw, Chair Taupaki Residents & Ratepayers Association. 

Greg is a very strong advocate of a fair go for Rodney and has been of great assistance to the community of Snells Beach and its surrounding communities. Mark Dinniss, Chair Snells Beach Residents & Ratepayers Association. 

Greg has never forgotten the rural ratepayers and has consistently gone in hard to bat for us against tough opposition who want spending more in the CBD. Brian Mason, Chair Landowners & Contractors Protection Association.