Sensible spending in Sayer’s sights

1478558234282Fair expenditure of rates and wasted funds are in the sights of new Rodney councillor Greg Sayers.

He has been appointed as the deputy chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee and a member of the Strategic Procurement Committee under Auckland Council’s new regime.

The newly appointed top official for Rodney on the council believes the appointments put him in good stead to honour campaign promises.

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“Throughout the campaign I focused on the issues that mattered the most to the residents of Rodney – fair expenditure of rates money in our district, and prudent council spending.

“I am pleased to have been given roles on these two important financial committees as they will allow me to closely monitor council spending,” he says.

The forward thinking councillor says he knows Rodney ratepayers will be wanting to know what he has done in to keep his campaign pledges for this term at the 2019 Local Government elections.

He says the appointments give him a chance to put forward a strong case for sensible council spending, finding efficiencies and stopping wastage.

“These committees play an important role in ensuring council is not wasting ratepayers money.

“Having a background in financial management and corporate governance these committees are a natural fit for me. I have also learned a lot from my six years on Local Boards about Council finances and budget setting.”

Sayers says he is looking forward to using this previous experience for the benefit of Rodney ratepayers.

During his last six years on the Rodney and Hibiscus and Bays local boards Sayers says his colleagues on the boards have had some great suggestions for spending ratepayers money effectively and efficiently.

“I will be working closely with some very good local board members to ensure Auckland Council understands what is required in Rodney.”

Sayers would like to hear from others in Rodney who have ideas for saving ratepayers money. He can be contacted by email at