Road Sealing Quadrupled!

Auckland Transport has approved to quadruple its investment into the sealing of unsealed rural roads to improve safety outcomes.

The funding approved by the Auckland transport Board of Directors on 20 June as part Regional Land Transport Plan. In it $124 million has allocated for seal extensions for the next 10 years.

Rodney Councillor Greg Sayers says this is a huge win for Rodneys rural ratepayers and will see a dramatic increase the rate of road sealing across the region.

“This win means the road sealing will increase from $3.3 million a year to over $12 million”, says Sayers. “Basically more roads will be sealed and faster.”

Cr Sayers says that although it is a good start Rodney still needs a lot more spent back due to years of underinvestment and a further $122 million has been allocated to improving the safety of rural roads especially at high risk intersections.

“This unprecedented $246 million proposed package for rural residents is the result of holding the flame to the feet of Auckland Council,” says Sayers.

Since 2014 Mr Sayers has been actively campaigning to get more unsealed roads sealed.

Chairman of Auckland Transport, Dr Lester Levy says that the organisation is aligning its priorities and resources with the Government Statement on Land Transport, which places much greater emphasis on road safety.

“We are working collaboratively together to make changes that protect life on our road network. The rise that we have seen in deaths and serious injuries over the past four years is completely unacceptable and it is time for change,” says Levy.