Mayor Wayne Brown: His “Fix Auckland” plan

28 February 2024. You may recall when running for election Wayne Brown promised to “Fix Auckland”.

That promise included reining-in the overspending of Auckland Council controlled organisations like Watercare and Auckland Transport, as well as cutting-back the council’s top heavy bureaucracy.

He has been in the job for over a year and has had time to pinpoint how he believes the spending of the Council Group should be reprioritised.

As a result the Mayor has produced a new 10 Year Budget for Auckland. This suggests how the $6 billion of revenue collected from Aucklanders should be spent on council projects and services for the next 10 years.

It sets the direction of Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Watercare and the other CCOs for the next decade. The future of the Ports of Auckland, the North Harbour Stadium, shareholdings in the Auckland Airport and rate increase options are also included.  

If you are keen to see your rates spent on a particular project, or service, for your community then now is your chance to put it to the Mayor.

The 10 Year Budget is open for feedback until March 28.

The Mayor would like to triple the Unsealed Road Improvement Program (road sealing) for rural ratepayers. This is an increase from $40 million to $124 million for the 10-year period. The Mayor is championing this, however, as with everything in the budget, it will have to go to the vote of the 20 councillors and the Mayor.

Of the 21 votes available there will need to be 11 votes to pass such an increase.

Therefore it is crucial to get feedback from all the vote-makers if you support the unsealed roads being better maintained and sealed, or not.

There is a petition you can add your voice to and support the $124 million for rural unsealed gravel roads to be 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐝, better maintained and made safer. Click this link:

Because the new coalition Government has repealed the fuel tax used for funding transport projects, every Auckland transport project has been paused to be re-evaluated.

This includes the Kumeu bypass which the National Party promised would become a Road of National Significance and would be funded. You can submit to the Mayor of Auckland for him to campaign for this with the Minister of Transport (Simeon Brown).

What do you believe should be being done about protecting our area from future flooding?

The Warkworth Hill Street intersection rebuild project, due the start this year, has also been paused.

Again, you can read about the council’s plans in the Budget documentation available online, or from the library, and give your feedback, along with any alternative suggestions.

There may be other roading, transport, civic, social, environmental, economic or cultural projects you believe your community needs ratepayer money spent on. What is your opinion on the need-to-haves versus the nice-to-haves?

Please take the time to make your voice heard.

You can do this by completing the 10 Year Budget feedback form available from the library, or online at this link:

Every submission will be read by the Mayor and myself, the other councillors, and bodies like to Board of Directors at Auckland Transport – who ultimately decide what transport projects will be funded for the next decade.