Auckland Council: Massive 16% rates grab at rural property owners!

23 February 2021. People will be shocked and deeply concerned to learn that on top the Mayor’s proposed average rates increase of 5 percent this year, he has included an additional average rate increase of a further 11 percent for households and businesses in Kumeu, Huapai, Riverhead and Taupaki. That is, an average rate increase of 16 percent for our area. Some properties could reach a maximum of a 23 percent rate increase. Other affected areas in Rodney are Dairy Flat and Upper Orewa (Halls Farm).

Objections can be emailed to Auckland Council on email or by using the Form (see click HERE button below).

Such a hefty increase on rates will not only financially hurt many property owners, but will no doubt affect even more families by driving up rents, as landlords will be forced to pass on the cost to their tenants.

Make no mistake, this is a massive rates grab!

Every rural person living in Auckland should be concerned that Auckland Council can make such an arbitrary change affecting rural and lifestyle property owners and families.

Areas outside of the Rodney ward are also affected, such as Whenuapai, Herald Island, Hobsonville, Drury, Waitakere, Paerata, Pukekohe, and many others.

The Council claims that these townships are no longer rural and need to be rated equivalently with other urban properties across Auckland. Its justification is property owners have the equivalent access to adequate roading, safe footpaths, community facilities, swimming pools, and other Council facilities as urban/ city property owners. Would you agree??

Cr Greg Sayers says “NO” and does not agree. You can help support him fight Council by making a formal submission and telling the Mayor and Council to drop the proposed additional rates increase. (Please see How To Take Action below).

Parts of Huapai have new modern “urban looking” houses, but they are not near Auckland Council services. No new Council facilities have been built – roads have not been upgrade to cope with all the additional cars and traffic congestion is causing unnecessary emissions of greenhouse gases, which the Council says it is fighting to reduce? Council facilities have not magically got closer to families, they have got further away in terms of travelling time due to the traffic congestion.

What has happened to all the Development Contributions paid by new house owners which is collected by Council for fixing transport issues and footpaths, building storm-water drains, creating new reserves and parks, and building community infrastructure? (Gone to Takapuna and the CBD maybe).

Families incomes have not gone up 16% in the last year – how are they expected to pay for this? The reality is many properties have no access to sewage or water services from Council, no footpaths, have open drains, the roading is inadequate and congested, and there is no Council swimming pool or easy access to council-operated leisure centers.

There is not adequate street lighting, which is dangerous for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. Parks and the recreational facilities on them are not comparable to urban areas.

Moving to “urban” rates carries with it no guarantee we get back better infrastructure or Council services.

It’s time to fight the hike!

The idea of increasing rates saying rural people have the same access to Council facilities as people living in the CBD is ridiculous, unjust and an outright money grab! It must be stopped.

The Council wants to expand its Urban Rating Area policy to capture all developed properties (the light purple bits in the map above) within the Rural Urban Boundary (RUB – the black line) to now being rateable as urban properties, even if your current home is zoned rural or as a lifestyle block. (For example, if your property is currently zoned as Rural Residential, Rural Business, Countryside Living or Mixed Rural).

Auckland Council is trying to make these massive rate increases based on “access to Council services” rather than being based on your property’s Council “zoning”. Is that fair??

Even some undeveloped greenfield land is planned to be included in the rates increase if it falls within the Rural Urban Boundary (RUB), but only if the land has zoning for development. ie: If you have land in the Future Urban zoning (the yellow bit) you are not subject to the additional 11% rate increase. That would only apply to you if your property has been rezoned through an official Council ‘Plan Change’ for development. Of course, if Council in the future rezones your property for more intensive development, then the additional rates increase may well apply. (You might want to give feedback about that).

Land outside of the RUB is not affected by the proposal and will remain rated as rural.

All affected landowners will receive a letter from Auckland Council explaining the proposal which are part of Mayor Goff’s 10-year budgeting proposal.

Check out if your property is affected and give your feedback to Auckland Council about the proposed 16% rate increase. You can also have your say on any other aspects of the Mayor’s proposed 10 year budget. The submission process closes midday 22 March 2021.

Check Out Your Property: Click HERE to easily check if your property is directly affected by the proposed a 16% increase. It also calculates how much extra you will have to pay.

Read All About It: Click HERE and go to Sections 7.7 & 7.8 (pages 459 – 510) to better understand how your property might be affected. (Kumeu/Huapai page 476, Riverhead page 478, Taupaki page 483, Dairy Flay page 472, Upper Orewa page 472).

IMPORTANT: HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Click HERE to give your comments and feedback to Auckland Council about this rates grab. (See question 5 specifically about this 16% rate increase issue). Or email directly using the email

Questions: To ask any questions, or to find out more, click HERE to see what public events are on in the North where Auckland Council staff will be on duty to answer you, or you can call Auckland Council on 09 3010101 with your questions. Or email your question to this dedicated email address:

Note: Cr Greg Sayers has already fought hard to squash this rates increase in the Council debating chamber at the early stages by raising an amendment to have it removed from the Mayors proposal. The vote was lost on voices by 4 to 16. You can help back him up, by submitting your concerns/ feedback at the above “how to take action” link. The deciding and binding vote takes place on 29 June 2021.