Dust Suppressant

Greg Dust sUpresentSerious health issues from breathing in dust particles originating from unsealed roads may soon be solved for the NorWest’s rural residents.

Auckland Transport is undertaking a full-scale trial to test the effectiveness of five different types of dust suppressing methods. These range from Otta seal, which is a mixture of gravel and asphalt, through to organic chemical dust suppressants.

The news is welcomed by Rodney Local Board member and Councillor candidate Mr Greg Sayers who says after years of campaigning to the highest levels within Auckland Transport and Auckland Council he’s happy a positive result has materialised for all rural ratepayers.

“The dust nuisance issues go beyond just health issues such as asthma,” says Sayers. “It also causes damage to vehicle’s computers, hinders visibility, affects livestock and contaminates tank-water supplies.”

“Rural rates need to be spent on this issue which is worsening as more sections are developed around areas such as Kumeu, Riverhead and Kaukapakapa. More people are also visiting the rural areas increasing the traffic volumes.”

Preparations for the summer dust suppressant trials are already underway on Old Woodcock’s Road in the Kaipara Flats. The five different products being trialled have been listed by Auckland Transport as;

  1. 200mm stabilised overlay, G3/5 chip seal
  2. Otta Seal
  3. G3/5 chip seal over existing pavement
  4. Unsealed pavement with MAP maintenance aggregate
  5. Unsealed pavement with chemical dust suppressant

Dust suppressants are used as an interim measure until roads are sealed. The best performing solutions will be able to be used throughout the NorWest and the rest of Rodney.

Kaukapakapa resident Mr Athol McLachlan says rural areas do not receive other Auckland Council services such as water or sewage and is pleased Auckland Transport is focusing on a rural issue.

“Hopefully these trials will produce a solution to better protect our roads from corrugations, reduce the dust and make it safer for drivers not familiar with gravel roads,” he says.