Councillors reflect on former Council practices

Fraud-gavelThe three Auckland councillors who represent the communities once governed by the legacy Rodney District Council are appealing for any information from the public about the alleged corrupt practices of the former council.

Greg Sayers, Wayne Walker and John Watson say that with a lot of public interest in the High Court trial currently taking place, now is the time for people to come forward.

“Some of the uncontested evidence presented to date is disturbing,” Cr Watson says. “It’s hard to imagine how some of the conflicts of interest were permitted.”

Cr Sayers says the public deserves full disclosure and honest staff members of the legacy Rodney District Council deserve closure.

Cr Walker says the sums of money involved are significant, as is the length of time alleged.

“Our concern is that what’s playing out in the High Court is just the tip of the iceberg,” he says. “We’ve been aware for years of ‘concerns’ but people have been reluctant to come forward.

“It’s a different story now as many of these accusations are out in the public domain.

“If there are people who have information we’d certainly like to hear from them. I think we owe that to our ratepayers – past and present.”

They say anonymity is assured.