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4 Bold Proven Solutions - by Cr Greg Sayers

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Dealing with housing affordability is a moral imperative – the single most important moral issue facing Auckland Council.” – Councillor Sayers

Auckanders are increasingly asking the question: If we stick with Auckland Council’s current plans, exactly when will housing in Auckland actually become affordable for ordinary Kiwi’s to buy or rent?

Putting the cards on the table Sayers declares “Auckland is a basket case when it comes to housing affordability. The bulk of blame rests squarely on the shoulders of Auckland Council –  its restrictive planning, along with over regulated consenting rules and the lack of political will to take ownership of the housing affordability crisis must be addressed with urgency.”

In this riveting read Sayers presents 4 world proven solutions Auckland Council can implement itself without needing central government, which are essential to solving Auckland’s ugly immoral social issues of growing wealth inequality, deepening poverty, increasing homelessness, and the rapid emergence of third world diseases associated with overcrowding, harmful urban deforestation, and reversing Auckland’s house prices from being the ninth most unaffordable in the world! 

Those agreeing with the intent of this book are implicitly saying they care about ordinary Kiwis and about actually making housing affordable. And what will be the financial effect on current homeowners?

Foreword by Don Brash;
“This may be the most important book you read all year …Why are more and more people unable to afford to buy a home, with more and more people forced to put up with poor quality rental accommodation?” – Don Brash, Former Governor General of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.