ATEED Out of control

An unbudgeted $3.2 million fit-out by ATEED for flashy rented offices located in the heart of Auckland’s most expensive real estate is a waste of money and offensive to ratepayers.

Not only is it wrong, Mayor Goff should have directed ATEED to find more modest accommodation preferably at a new location where they could save on both rent and fit-out costs.

Instead he let it go to the vote where it was voted through eight votes in favour and six against.

The people of Auckland are desperately wanting leaders who will listen to them. They are crying out for wasteful spending like this to be stopped.

This was the golden opportunity for the Mayor and Councillor’s to make some real savings, rather than grandstanding about identified savings over the next 10 years, which frankly I can’t see them actually delivering on because unnecessary and unbudgeted expenditure continues to be signed off.