$1.3 billion won for Rodney

5 October 2018. Auckland Transport has approved an investment package of $1.3 billion for Rodney.

The funding was approved by Auckland Transport on June 20 as part of the Regional Land Transport Plan. Auckland Council ratified the decision on as part of approving Mayor Goff’s 10 Year budget on 28 June.

Councillor Greg Sayers who called for $1 billion for Rodney in May (Norwest News 1 May) is pleased with the final decision but says Rodney still needs a lot more spent on it to make up for years over underinvestment.

“Auckland’s entire transport investment is $12 billion so for the first time Rodney has won back a good chunk of it,” says Sayers. “What’s missing is investment for greater equality into our smaller townships, a rail service and a drive for quality maintenance of our roads. I will keep fighting for this.”

He says another highlight of the budget includes a tentative $747 million, potentially increasing the investment into Rodney to $2 billion if more of the national and regional fuel taxes were to be spent back into Rodney.

According to Cr Sayers of the $1.3 billion package only about 8% of it will be funded from the regional fuel tax the rest is funded from rates, development contributions and government subsidies.

Mayor Goff said, “I want to thank Councillor Greg Sayers for helping deliver this 10-year Budget and the largest-ever investment in our region’s infrastructure.”